12th October 2016


In 2001 we acquired this crumbling artisan property (‘Canavaki’) after falling in love with the authenticity of the location, and the breathtaking views of the island and Cyclades archipelago. Today this artisan dwelling is lovingly transformed into the welcoming and comfortable holiday home that is: Spiti Stelios.

canava-b4 cyard-b4 wine-tread-b4

The property consisted of a artisan winery (top left), the barrels supported between the ledge running along the right wall and two lintels steadying the front. Today this has been transformed into a spacious and airy lounge/day room.

Top centre, the courtyard with it’s iconic stairway to the roof terrace and it’s manmade rain water storage ‘Sterna’. Today fully renovated with many original features retained and 80 sq. mtr. of sunbathing terrace.

Top right the white grape tread where grapes where pressed under the candlelight and the ‘lino’ where the juice was collected. Today this forms the comfortable snug/TV room.

wine-tread-2-b4 shower-b4 basement-b4

Above left, the much smaller red grape tread, reflecting the relative smaller crop of ‘black’ grapes. Today this has been formed into the centre of the house which leads to all the rooms.

Above centre is the old kitchen sink and canopy. Today this is transformed into a modern shower with a fabulous view of the island.

Above left, the old steps that lead to the ‘yposkafo’ (dug out of the rock), this is where they would keep the goats and chickens and made the cheese. This today is the cool comfortable [second] double bedroom which benefits from an en-suite bathroom.

Original property deeds suggest that the house was passed on to our seller by her mother as a dowry back in 1939. Prior to that, her family had acquired the property through usurpation for over 40 years (uninterrupted and undisputed possession aka ‘squatters rights’). The original dwelling along with the rest of the neighbourhood is believed to date back to the early 18th century…

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