25th October 2016


ACCESS: There will be someone at the house to welcome you and give you a set of keys. Please TEST the front door latch to become familiar (when shutting the door, it needs a firm pull to shut properly).

WATER : Until recently (2015) water came solely from a man made underground tank ‘sterna’ collected from rainwater. Since 2015 mains water has been made available in the village. We are connected to both, whether from Sterna or Mains, water is NOT suitable for drinking. We recommend you always use the dishwasher, even for small loads. If washing cups/glasses etc by hand, we suggest rinsing with some boiled tap water or bottled water. There is plenty of drinking/bottled water in the front basement (included in your rental).

Hot Water is electric. The switch is in the fuse board situated outside the bathroom. Heat the water by turning ‘ON’ the fuse marked “hot water”. One hour is generally sufficient to heat the water. Remember to turn ‘OFF’ after you finish your showers and always before you leave the house.

STAYING DRY: There are several dehumidifiers around the house. These are always set to ‘ON’ even when the house is not occupied. Our default setting (24x7x365) is ‘60%’ or ‘Medium’. At night you may want to switch them ‘OFF’. In the mornings, please return to ‘60%’ or ‘Medium’. Feel free to turn ‘OFF’ anytime you want some peace and quiet!

HEATING : In the unlikely event you are ever cold during your stay, there are several electric heaters in the house. They all work the same way. Make sure you plug them in, turn on the rocker switch on the right rear side of the unit, turn the wheel until you hear the thermostat ‘click’, or to desired level (usually 3-5 is good). 

ELECTRICITY : We have frequent power cuts on the Island and there is nothing we can do about this; it is an inevitability of island life. By the time you return from the beach the electricity will be back. We have gas lamps above the kitchen cupboards and a torch under the sink – please take appropriate care when lighting the gas lamps or replacing cylinders (Instructions are in a wooden artist box in the lounge sideboard).

SOFAS : Use the sofas/couch to sit and sleep on as you please. One polite request, please DO NOT sit on the sofas with wet swimming suits or wet clothes. The mattresses on the wooden couches are hand made to an authentic Greek artisan tradition and we wish to keep them in good condition for all our guests to enjoy.

RUBBISH : Bin liners for the kitchen bin are in the cupboard under the sink. Once a day, when you leave the house take the bag and drop it in the large bins near where you park your vehicle (if full or you forget in the boot, there are many bins all over the island, for public use). Remember to collect the toilet-paper bag and add to the rubbish before leaving (see “TOILETS”). If you wish to recycle, the island provides recycling bins, one such point is at the village outer square parking (opposite the Pharmacy). Please take all your rubbish away with you at the end of your stay, this is greatly appreciated.

TOILETS : Please use small bin liners in the toilet bins. There is always a roll of small size plastic bin liners behind the upstairs bathroom door.

Important! Remember, DO NOT FLUSH PAPER OR SANITARY TOWELS DOWN THE TOILETS*. Put all your soiled paper in the bin beside the toilet. It is easy and simple to take out with daily rubbish – Thank You!

WASHING MACHINE : The water is very hard, always use CALGONIT AS WELL AS SOFTENER together with the soap. Please if possible, try to use washing tablets or capsules which are placed in the drum rather than powders in the drawer. Supplies are available from Maria’s local store in Pyrgos square. When not in use – to stop it from smelling – leave the door and soap drawer slightly open to allow air to circulate. Instructions are on the washing machine (see page 8). Suggested programmes: 20 min – 3kg (30/40 deg) or Intensiv, Kort (60/50/40 deg):

Step 1 – Press the ON/OFF button for a few seconds until the display lights up and makes a sound.

Step 2 – Load the washing machine, place CALGONIT, detergent and softener and shut the door.

Step 3 – Using the large round knob, select the preferred programme (refer to page 8 for details).

Step 4 – Adjust the temperature and spin using the first two push buttons below the display.

Step 5 – Press the START button

Door lock releases 2 mins after programme end. Press the ON/OFF switch to turn the machine off (also, the machine switches itself off after a short while). We have a clothes rack for drying, kept in the main bedroom by the wardrobe. There is also a clothe’s line in the rear courtyard. Clothes pegs are in a cloth bag in the bathroom and under kitchen sink.

DOING THE DISHES : To make your stay more enjoyable, there is a dishwasher to help save from the tedious task of washing by hand. Detergent tablets should be the “FINISH All-in1” type. These are available from ‘Maria’s’ store in Pyrgos square. Load the dishes, place a tablet in the container, shut the door. Switch ‘ON’, select programme “70” and next, press the start button (takes a few minutes to start).

THE ‘YPOSKAFO’ CAVERN : If you use the self contained en-suite bedroom downstairs, here are some notes to help: The bathroom has it’s own hot water tank regulated separately from the rest of the house. Behind the downstairs door is a small fuse-board. Lift the double fuse to turn on the immersion heater an orange LED-light in the fuse board lights up. Follow the same guidelines as for the HOT WATER above.

Please observe the same simple TOILET rules as above.

The room has it’s own dehumidifier. When we are away, the machine is set to ‘dehumidify’ / ‘medium’. To heat the room, turn the “selector switch” to COMBI (this is clockwise all the way). Select a temperature setting using the large dial on the Left. To adjust humidity setting, turn the large dial on the right. Everything else is automatic. (Instructions are in a wooden artists box in the lounge sideboard).

OUTSIDE SHOWER: This shower is for rinsing off the salt after your swim ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT USE SOAP OR SHAMPOO when using this shower. The hot water is controlled from the downstairs switchboard.

OTHER USEFUL TIPS : There are deckchairs and bench cushions for use on the roof. The deckchairs can stay on the roof during your stay. The cushions are better to take down and store indoors when not in use. The roof cushions are stored in zip-bags under the bed in the bedroom beside the kitchen.

BBQ : Place BBQ by small window near outside wall. Remove grill and stand the “venturi-tube-funnel” (stored in the front basement) in the centre. Pile charcoal into funnel until brim-full. Scrunch up and place newspaper balls under funnel and light. Stand back and watch it ignite, after15 mins coal should have turned red. Tip funnel into BBQ tray (careful of hot handle) and spread the coals. Place rack in place and you are ready to use. Please remove ashes and leave the BBQ clean at the end of your stay. 

COFFEE: There is a Nespresso machine, a frappe maker a Bodum style Cafetiere. You will find Nespresso compatible capsules in local supermarkets. For the Frappe, simply plug in the frappe maker (stored above cooker hood), place instant coffee and sugar in the aluminium jug, add a little water and ice cubes and wizzz.

VAULT: We have a room that can be used as a ‘safe’. Instructions provided upon booking.

In the sideboard in the lounge is a hardback booklet with recommendations. It is there to help with the first days of your stay as you discover the island. Inside are cards from tavernas, beach-bars, etc.

* The house uses a man-made “soak-away” cesspit for sewage of about 27 cubic meters (don’t ask!). Toilet paper (and other such objects) obstruct the natural soak-away process and as a result the tank would fill up much faster than it can drain away naturally.